Heritage, a non-profit registered trust has been actively involved since 1994 in the promotion, preservation and dissemination of our heritage and culture through seminars, workshops and cultural festivals. Heritage conducts an annual festival that is thematic and has two sections, Gudiya Sambhrama – The Bengaluru Temple Festival, the cultural section and “Srishti Sambhrama”…The Earth Mother Festival, the academic section. “To inspire Civil Society to nurture our heritage, culture and environment from an individual and societal level with an understanding of the Divinity in all creation.”

Gudiya Sambhrama 2023.

Donate to GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA Donors are entitled to receive FREE passes to “THE GODDESS” event on 31st January 2023 at B N M Institute of Technology, Banashankari 2nd Stage
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Heritage Activities

Gudiya Sambhrama

Devasthanam/ Dharmasthala/ temples have been large players in the ecosystem of our society,

The Heritage Rally

A first of its kind bi-annual event,is a TSD Motorsport rally that brings great learning with it.

Srishti Sambhrama

Srishti Sambhrama, The Earth Mother festival, is an annual festival that presents ,