About Us                                            

Heritage, a non-profit registered trust has been actively involved since 1994 in the promotion, preservation and dissemination of our heritage and culture through seminars, workshops and cultural festivals.

Over the last decade or more increased mobility, access to information and globalisation has resulted in apparent progress and increased opportunity but has also brought some problems in its wake like the loss of history, culture, ecology, roots, traditional arts, folk arts and language This has led to a slow decline of cultural values that were holistic and inclusive regarding the ecology and environment as one’s heritage.

Heritage activities are innovative and holistic in their approach bringing forward time tested wisdom to enhance the quality of life today. The resource person for any Heritage activity comes from the best of scholars, artists, academicians, naturalists and others. All activities are tailor made to suit the target group and there has been a constant endeavour to make heritage events youth friendly and reach out to the common man.

Heritage conducts an annual festival that is thematic and has two sections, Gudiya Sambhrama – The Bengaluru Temple Festival, the cultural section and “Srishti Sambhrama”…The Earth Mother Festival, the academic section.

Objectives & Goals

    • To bring an awareness of the contemporary nature of our heritage and the traditional life-style that was in synch and nurtured MOTHER NATURE
    • To foster and support indigenous traditional art forms.
    • To make our Sacred Heritage spaces vibrant and centres of learning
    • To create support for traditional artists
    • To foster an awareness and understanding of our traditional arts amongst contemporary society
    • To document and collect resources of traditional knowledge and learning systems applicable to life today
    • To create forums of discussions and debates on topics of human interest


“To inspire Civil Society to nurture our heritage, culture and environment from an individual and societal level with an understanding of the Divinity in all creation.

Activities Over the years

Summer Workshops for children

      • included history, culture, art, environmental awareness and civic responsibility


      • Workshops for classical dancers and musicians with resource persons from across India

Fund raisers for national calamities


      • A meeting point of traditional wisdom and contemporary minds.
      • a series of talks and a workshop that was conducted

Working Committee

Smt. Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar, is a founder trustee and the secretary of the Heritage Trust. Presently a free-lance designer and member of the national philately board, she was a member of Central Board of Film Certification,

Smt. Supriya Komandur, is a trustee and the joint secretary of the Heritage Trust. She is a Bharatanatyam dancer and the artistic director of Amruthavarshini, the academy for arts.

Smt. Rekha Raghavan, is a coordinator of the Heritage Trust. She is a Bharatanatyam exponent and founder of CITA – Center for Indian Traditional arts in East Africa.