Devakula Yatra: Temple Walk

Date: 5th February 2023, Sunday
Time: 8AM onwards

Categories: Temple Walk

Location: Basavangudi and Gavipura


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About the event:
Led by: Shri Vinay Varanasi, Artist and Storyteller & Ms Sivasri Skandaprasad, Carnatic Musician and Namasankeertanam artist

Sri Mallikarjuna Devasthanam – Govardhana Giri Devasthanam – Nava Mantralaya Rayara Mutt – Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Devasthanam – Dodda Basavanna Devasthanam – Bedara Kannappa Devasthanam – Balanjaneya Devasthanam – Srirama Devasthanam – Dodda Ganesha Devasthanam – Ramanjaneya Devasthanam – Harihareshwara Devasthanam – Gavigangadhareshwara Devasthanam

When music and stories combine themselves around temples, the experience of each gets elevated. In this unique concept katha (stories) by Vinay Varanasi and gaana (music) by Sivasri Skandaprasad have been curated with one special feature- they will happen walking from temple to temple! This walk will cover some beautiful temples of basavanagudi, during which music and stories will seamlessly be kneaded in.

The walk is open to all: the devotee, the story buff, the music aficionado, and the curious Walker alike. It is a walk that will celebrate devi, as we go past temple to temple.
The walk begins at (insert the exact name) at 8am on 5th February, 2022.
Celebrating the divine feminine, the auspicious colour yellow has been selected as the colour code for the walk!

About the performers:
Vinay Varanasi
Vinay Varanasi calls himself The Jack of All Trades. An architect by day, Vinay has been in the field of architectural and design education. He set up a start-up that looks into ways of adding value into the way architecture is taught. They conduct immersion programs which has been their flagship focus in terms of taking architects and designers on rural journeys, and exposing them to how our design is present in the grassroots and the complicated layers around this. Vinay also studied design education with a focus on how to design better education.

Vinay does not think he is a storyteller per se, because he does not have the boxes to check, saying he has formally learned it. His strong interest in all things Puranic goes back to as long as he can remember, and I think the explanation comes in terms of both storytelling – orally and visually – comes through art. Vinay wants to create an experience for people, such that they leave with a feeling; neither they have to leave with facts nor do they have to remember anything. Vinay also writes lyrics and a few pallavis.

Ms Sivasri Skanda Prasad

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  • Time : 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (America/Indiana/Tell_City)