The Goddess

Date: 31st Jan 2023
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: B.N.M.I.T college, Banashankari 2nd stage

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The Goddess
A Raadha kalpa Production

The archetype of power, strength and victory in india is depicted by a female form. Kali, Devi and Durga are the forms of goddess Parvati that represent strength and power. In most cultures, the representation of power is always held within a male form, but the goddesses in the Hindu pantheon carry the metaphor for courage amongst various other essential aspects of life. Knowledge & creation, wealth, nourishment and sustenance, strength, power, art, beauty, grace and kindness are all represented by the many goddesses. The production features three compositions that explore these various aspects of the Goddesses.

Featured artist & Composer: Ambi Subramaniam

The indian goddesses are adorned with pearls, rubies and diamonds, bedecked in jewellery and draped in flowing silks. They have long hair that billows like the clouds, beautiful voluptuous bodies, bangles around their delicate wrists and anklets that tinkle when they walk. The goddesses are seen as sensual, beautiful, graceful yet powerful.

Featured artists & Composers: Sunaad Anoor & Anoor Vinod Shyam

From thought comes creation. The creator and created are both Devi. They have no distance from one another, and yet they seem separate from one another. Birds take flight, flowers bloom, rivers flow, mountains rise and life begins as Devi gracefully walks. The rhythm of the universe begins.

Featured artists: Keerthana Vaidyanathan & Raghuram Rajagopalan
Composer: Raghuram Rajagopalan

Power in a female form, in the modern world is often depicted without sensuality. A sensual woman in the contemporary world is objectified by commercial media. The indian goddesses hold power while also being sensual and sexual. Kali possesses supreme beauty while simultaneously exuding strength and ferocity. Maharajni, is the ruler of the universe. She instills fear while also being the kindest and most loving.

Choreography & Direction
Rukmini Vijayakumar

Rehearsal Directors
Padmashree & Asokavadhani

Rukmini Vijayakumar
Anusha Yash
Priyadarshini Rajendran
Samyuktha Jujare
Surabhi Gopal
Reanna Ranjan
Manasvee Gupta

Light Design
Gyandev Singh

Ambi Subramaniam : Violin
Keerthana Vaidyanathan : Vocals
Raghuram Rajagopalan : Vocals
Sunaad Anoor : Percussion
Anoor Vinod Shyam : Mridangam & Percussion

Vivian Ambrose

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  • Time : 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (America/Indiana/Tell_City)