APPLICATION FORM – 2020 GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA …the Temple Festival January to February




GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA..2020 aims to spread the import of the Ramayana. It is mandatory that you send us a video link of your troupe, even a rough video taken of the rehearsal in your phone will suffice. Kindly do not send DVD or CDs.
 Kindly put your name in the subject field Eg. Application from Nirmala for GS 2020 for Bharatanatyam group.
 Please note your application will be processed only if all necessary details and attachments are provided.
 This application is for young groups, from Bengaluru only, for a ten-minute item that is Ramayana based.
 The group has to have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of ten participants.
 Age for group is 6 years to 14 years.
 Please do share the story of your piece with the performers so they can answer any query from the audience.
Name of Guru / Institution: __________________________________________________________________
Address : ________________________________________________________________
City : ___________________________________________________________________
Postal Code : _____________________________________________________________
Mobile : _________________________________________________________________
Email : _________________________________________________________________
Website URL* : __________________________________________________________
Links to your work * : _______________________________________________________
Please select your groups performing arts discipline :
 Classical Dance form
 Group
 Classical Music form
 Vocal or Instrumental
 Sampradaya Bhajans
1] Please answer the following questions:
a. Do you think it is important to share the Ramayana with your students?
b. What are the values in the Ramayana that you feel are important to impart to students?
c. Which Divinity from the Ramayana ahs inspired your children the most and why?
d. A synopsis of your presentation in a maximum of 200 words
2] Your profile with training, and solo performing student names
3) Last date for submission – November 7th 2019
4) Selected artistes will be informed by December 1st 2019
Please fill the entire application and provide video links of the group presentation please