A first of its kind bi-annual event,is a TSD Regularity Run Car Motorsport rally that brings great learning with it. The drive includes visits to ancient heritage Temples, the planting of Native tree saplings and a mingling with scholars, artists, environmentalists and authors. Each year, we usually hold two drives. One is a part of GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA …the temple festival and takes place in the first quarter of the year. This is a one day 250 km rally. The second drive is conducted along with SRISHTI SAMBHRAMA…the Earth Mother Festival usually during the third week of September and is a three-day 1000 km rally.

The Heritage Drive

A first of its kind event a TSD Regularity Run that will bring great learning with it. It will include visits to ancient Temples, the planting of Native tree saplings in these heritage spaces and a mingling with scholars, artists, environmentalists and authors.

Heritage Team’s experience and work in the field of Heritage and Culture gives the drive its special position.

Heritage is a not for profit Trust that has been working in the field of, natural and cultural heritage of our country. The trust has been conducting various festivals, workshops and talks in an effort to create an awareness of our rich Heritage and to preserve it for our future generations.

KMSCI brings technical prowess and capability working per International and FMSCI standards

Indic Academy: brings academic resources for the rally
Centre for Soft Power: brings Global participants to the rally.
B.E.S.T Innovation University : brings saplings to be planted
B.N.M Institute of Technology : brings seed balls to disperse enroute

TSD Regularity Run Car Rally

.It is a motor sport that can be enjoyed by anyone with virtually any sort of motor vehicle. Not to be confused with PRO rallying, which is a form of racing, Regularity Run is a course-following event involving control of vehicle speed. Competitive teams comprise of a driver and navigator utilizing a set of instructions detailing the course they must follow and the speeds they must travel. Since public roads are used for those events, speeds are set at or below the posted legal speed limits. The goal is to follow the course correctly and arrive on time at checkpoints encountered along the way. Scoring is based on the difference between the competitor’s actual arrival time versus their calculated arrival time at the checkpoint.

These events provide rallying thrills as well as promote safe driving habits.

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