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Heritage Drive 2019 will be a part of GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA…the Temple Festival. The Heritage Drive will be a 250km TSD rally Bangalore-Nagalapura-Bangalore ,on the 10th of February 2019.

The rally will be flagged off from Sri Varaprada Venkatramanaswamy Devagiri Devasthanam in Banashankari 2nd stage at 6.00 am amidst vedic chanting.

Rally will take you to Kedareshwara Temple.This star shaped temple is a beautiful work in soap stone by the Hoysalas during the 1220AD.  You will be treated to a Music and Dance  performance in the 1200 year old  temple premises, while greening the surroundings.  The rally will also take you to Kalleswara temple of Chalukyan architechture as well as the Chennakeshava Temple located in Aralaguppe, which is also of Hoysala architecture. The rally will restart and head back to Bangalore post lunch. This rally unlike any before, aims to amalgamate the thrill of TSD rally with rich cultural experiences while contributing to the improvement of our environment.